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Welcome to the Diritti Insieme website

Our new online home is the gateway to all our activities, with news and updates on everything concerning our commitment to protecting the rights of the foreign population and the most vulnerable in the Monza and Brianza area. Rights without distinction and against all forms of discrimination, in the name of peaceful coexistence between cultures, solidarity and hospitality.

Our activity did not stop due to the pandemic but rather found new ways of implementing it, with the support of digital tools. In this sense, our new website is also a further step, which wants to be not only the portal where you can find updates on our activities, but also a practical and concrete reference point for those who use our services. Our members will then have a dedicated member area available to them with personalized materials.

The site will not fail to keep you updated on the various social and cultural projects that involve us together with other realities in the area, from the fight against new poverty to access to health care, up to the support of schools. There will be events and appointments that will involve us as an association: you will find news, as well as on our social pages, also here, on the blog of our site.

Keep following us and supporting us!

Who are we

The association of social promotion Diritti Insieme has been operating since 2012 for hospitality, cultural and social inclusion, the fight against poverty and the protection of the rights of migrants, throughout the province of Monza and Brianza. We participate, in a network with other local associations in important social and cultural projects, aimed at supporting the new poverty, providing prevention activities and access to social and health care for all people unable to access services, providing support to schools and local authorities in the community response to the pandemic emergency.

Diritti Insieme APS - CGIL Monza and Brianza | Follow us on Facebook and Instagram

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