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Guide to the use of web resources
meeting at the Snia Village

July 13, 2021

Thursday 15 July 2021 - 2.00 pm

At the Snia Village - Cesano Maderno - via Riccione 21

"Guide to the use of web resources", a training and assistance initiative on the potential and dangers of the digital world, promoted by our project partners Alisei and Auser Insieme San Rocco.

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Anti Covid-19 vaccine reservations in Lombardy for foreign citizens

June 28, 2021

Lombardy Region has communicated that from 25 June 2021 foreign citizens awaiting the definition of the emergence procedures and Temporarily Present Foreigners (STP) who insist on the Lombard territory will be able to access the booking system for the anti Covid-19 vaccination using the booking portal , by clicking on the “Book the vaccine” button.

Once you arrive on the page "Manage appointment for the anti Covid-19 vaccine" you must select the item "If you are a foreigner in possession of the STP code, an Italian tax code or a unique 11-digit code issued by the prefecture, they must request authorization for booking and inclusion in the booking lists.

Within 24/48 hours from the request for registration of their data (pre-accession), the citizen will be able to access the platform and proceed with the booking of the anti Covid-19 vaccination.


June 6, 2021

The contribution of the CGIL Monza and Brianza.

A year of distance learning due to the pandemic: challenge won thanks to the volunteers.

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June 4, 2021

The first long-distance Italian school experience of Rights Together ended successfully, thanks to the tenacity and desire to get involved of our tireless Bruno and Roberto.

8 months, 54 lessons, which would not have been possible without their commitment, and the students who animated the class as if they were really in the same classroom.

A big thank you to everyone.

At the end of the course a Notebook of Tasks was created, with the papers made by the students and collectively corrected by the class "sharing" screens and stories.

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March 18, 2021

The associations of the Community of Health project: prevention and socio-health support for the new poverty, financed by the Lombardy Region and the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies, reported on Radio Binario 7 together with CSV Monza Lecco Sondrio the experiences made during the project with a view to a new approach to health that involves the whole community.

At the center is the theme of the well-being of the person, guaranteed by the context in which the citizen is inserted: the family, the school, the hospital, social and health services, culture, sports agencies, places of aggregation. Issue on which the “Community First” movement is working at a national level, which is promoting a new welfare towards politics and institutions.

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01 March 2021

Donate your 5x1000 to Rights Together.

In the space for Voluntary Associations write:

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